Final Project

In the beginning, I thought that the best way for me to represent the organic and versatile instrument that is a cello in a new way was to construct for it a piece about nature. From that idea, I formed the thought of a Zen Garden as a better entity to express. I began to develop a story and notation system for the piece soon after. After starting on this, We approached me and was intrigued by my idea, and therefore wanted to assist me in realizing this vision. Throughout the creative process we further developed the story of this trip through the Zen Garden, my role more serving as a producer, and Wes more focused on the technical aspects of the piece. The product we achieved was a combined effort to express a journey through a vast and vibrant zen garden through a unique sound vocabulary and visual aids. My inspiration comes from the beauty of nature and man-made form in harmony as it exists in a zen garden that I believe can be represented through sound.


Materials required:
Zen Garden Score redone
 zen-garden-stage-plot zen-garden-equipment-list


Redone Etude

I was discontent with the previous edit for this etude, so I re-did it for the final project

Ideas for performances

  1. Nature sounds
    • Through the usage of the bow in large sweeping motions and different levels of pressure on the strings, as well as occasional percussive effects. The overall composition should give the sensation of a zen garden with peaceful and emotive tones, as well as the graceful movement of the cellist.
  2. Dancing cello
    • Done sans bow, one should affix a rubber knob to the bottom of the instrument to prevent it from sliding a lot. The idea is to treat the cello like a dance partner in an awkward waltz. Objective is to be as ungraceful as possible, as the cello has no capacity for movement. Occasional plucking and hand flourishes recommended.
  3. Self concerto
    • in the spirit of treasuring music, the performer will listen to a selection of 3 songs of their choosing, and play the melody while faced away from the audience, at whatever volume and style they see fit. Notion is to express the sense of music as an experience to one’s self, not just fit for the stage

PERF 489

As a seasoned composer and musician with an odd background, I feel that I bring a very unique set of skills and flavor to the project at hand. I have been playing low brass instruments for over a decade, composing for at least 3 years, and am a trained vocalist in classical, contemporary, and even extreme techniques. My interests as they relate to this project mostly center around western art music styles, rock styles, and music in film and video games with cinematic styles for entertainment, therapeutic, and immersive purposes.

Here are some examples of where I come from artistically